Auto Injury and Personal Injuries Doctors Dallas Texas

Auto Injury and Personal Injuries Doctors Dallas Texas: If you are suffering from an auto or personal injury that has compromised your quality of life, then our Auto Injury and Personal Injury Doctors Dallas Clinic can help.

Do you suffering from back pain, head pain, neck pain, upper limbs, lower limbs or other chronic pain caused by an auto or personal injury?

Auto Injury Doctors Dallas Texas

A auto or personal injury can have a serious effect on your body, your health and your life. Your pain can prevent you from living a normal everyday life, for example:

  • Are you having difficulty walking
  • Running
  • Sitting
  • Even sleep comfortably.


Statistics for the City of Dallas

With Dallas being a highly trafficked metropolitan area, the city has its own fair share of automobile accidents. Let’s look at some of the statistics and the impact that these accidents have had.

  • 26,846 total crashes reported
  • 14,895 were crashes that did not involve injury
  • 1,572 were crashes that had an unknown severity
  • 3,917 of the crashes resulted in serious injuries
  • 5,129 injuries were reported as the result of traffic accidents
  • 131 crashes involved fatalities
  • 146 fatalities were reported in connection with traffic accidents

(source reported by the Texas DOT 2013)

With years of expertise in personal injury and auto injury in Dallas Texas our doctors are well aware that the most common Auto-Personal Injuries affect various parts of the body which include but are not limited to Head, Neck and Back.


Personal Injuries Doctors Dallas Texas


Head & Neck injuries

Head injuries are more common in side impact auto accidents. Diagnosis of a brain injury may be difficult. Concussions are associated with traumatic brain injury as are headaches, seizures, dizziness, lack of concentration, loss of loss, depression or anxiety.

  • Neck injuries vary from whiplash, one of the most common and annoying in addition  to disk injuries. Whiplash injures are considered soft tissues injuries which are made up of nerves, ligaments and muscles. It causes neck pain and restraint the neck and head movement which will effect rotation and peripheral vision.
  • Intervertebral discs (act as cushions in between vertebrae) make up the spine. These discs lie between each bone (vertebrae) in the spine and form joints giving spines flexibility. Injuries to these discs in the neck and spine may bulge, slip or rupture disc.


Back Injuries

Auto Injury and Personal Injuries Doctors Back pain has a great many known medical causes. For the purposes of the discussion in this section, we only present a few examples of the more common causes of auto-personal injuries back pain.

  • Intervertebral disks in the neck
  • Cervical discs (cervical discs both stabilize your neck and allow it to turn smoothly from       side to side and bend forward to back.
  • Your mid-back, disks and lumbar
  • Lower back


Our are board-certified doctors that have treated several patients suffering Auto and Personal Injuries at Doctors Dallas Clinic, agree that another cause of back pain (often in conjunction with pain down one or both legs) is a disc problem


Hands, Forearms, Arms, Shoulders, Wrists and Fingers

These are often injured in auto accidents. Fractures are typical treated with splints and casts. Therapy may also be required in order for you to increase strength and range of motion.
Rotator cuff injuries (shoulder) Often require MRI scan.


Hips, legs, knees, heels, ankles, and feet are also commonly damaged in auto accidents.

  • Auto Injury and Personal Injury Achilles tendon injuries
  • Ankle sprains
  • Collateral ligament injuries and stress fractures are typical
  • Fractures of the pelvis
  • Femur
  • Patella
  • Tibia


Continuing pain and inflammation, it is advised that you make an appointment with one of our doctors that specialize in physical therapists or chiropractors for rehabilitative therapy.

If you are tired of dealing with pain associated with neck, back or neurological conditions, turn to Doctors Dallas Clinic today for effective results. We are a group of Dallas Texas physicians that specialize in Auto Injury and Personal Injury Getting you out of pain and keeping you out of pain is our promise to you. Many conditions can be treated without surgery or medication, Our staff will explore your options with you so you can decide on the best possible treatment for your injury.

Need legal advice regarding Dallas personal injury Laws read more…

If you wish to request an accident report go to Dallas Police Records.

Call us today to schedule an appointment, or stop by our clinic and start receiving the quality care you deserve.

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