Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo Texas

Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo Texas: Treatment Of Workmen’s Comp Injuries – Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo are focused on helping identify and address work-related injuries and illness medical care needs. Our goal is to improved productivity and better employee health  through prevention, aggressive injury management.

Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo Texas

Types of Accidents That Result In Workmen’s Compensation Medical Benefits Claims:

On-the-job accidents can be a result of several different factors with injuries ranging from broken bones and lacerations to severe injuries.  These types of accidents include:

  • Workers Compensation Doctors in AmarilloCar accident in a company vehicle
  • Construction site injury
  • Machinery accident
  • Slip and fall accident
  • Work zone accident
  • And many more….

Workmen’s Compensation Patients at Amarillo Doctors Clinic have a full-service Facility providing: 

  • Complete diagnosis and treatment of on-the job injuries
  • Determine patients medical condition, was caused by the work accident
  • Effective communication with and direct access to physicians
  • Physical therapy and occupational therapy only when medically necessary
  • Accessibility to doctors that specialist in state-of-the-art diagnostics

Amarillo Workers Compensation Doctors

Our therapy program is determined after an individual evaluation has been completed on each patient. The therapist will then create a specific rehabilitation plan designed for that patient and work with the patient to achieve the best results possible.

We have treated hundreds of patients that suffered with the most common workers compensation injuries in Amarillo that occurred due to repetitive stress. Repetitive motion is mostly caused by, forceful or prolonged use of the hands and even prolonged awkward postures.

Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo TexasExamples of awkward postures:

  • Is twisting, bending, and reaching
  • Pulling or lifting
  • Working with the hands above the head
  • Elbows above the shoulders
  • Working with the neck or back bent more than 30 degrees without support
  • Without the ability to vary posture.

Other injuries we specialized in are injuries to the spine or back pain injuries which are due to operating heavy machinery, lifting heavy objects or falling. These disorders typically develop gradually and affect the neck, shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, and fingers. We also treats sprains, fractures, bone dislocations, tendonitis, bursitis, torn meniscus and damaged cartilage.


Here are a few of the services offered at the Workers Compensation Amarillo Doctors Clinic:

Note: list includes some of our services but is not limited to  

  • Comprehensive clinical diagnostics and evaluation
  • Comprehensive job-related injury therapy options
  • Recurring development examinations and therapy
  • Carpal Tunnel Therapy Spinal, Joint
  • Extremity Injury Procedure Job Solidifying and Conditioning Program
  • Cutting edge analysis and procedure facility
  • Advanced injury and pain administration
  • Chiropractic care Therapy
  • Back Procedures
  • Physical Therapy and Massage therapy
  • Osteo arthritis Knee Pain Therapy
  • Job Related Joint and Extremity Injury
  • And much more…

Doctors Network Amarillo Doctors Clinic continues to develop new programs that help our Amarillo Workers Compensation residents in times of need. 

If you were injured while at work and need a clinic that specializes in Workmen’s Comp in Amarillo call us now!

  Workers Compensation Doctors Amarillo Texas


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